Frequent Asked Questions

Q: Why it makes sense to import from China?

A: China is currently World’s Number 1 Manufacturer with 33% of world’s goods manufactured in China. China currency is relatively low, item bought @RMB10 is usually sold Online or Retail @S$10

Q: I used to source from domestic wholesaler, so I am not sure whether is it suitable for me to source directly from China wholesaler.

A: Business of different sizes (Retailers and Small Enterprises) are looking into ways to reduce product cost in order to maximize profit margin. Many Retailers and Small Enterprises are now following the global trend by sourcing directly from China. If you do not seize this opportunity, you may lose your competitiveness compare to your competitors.

Q: Why source direct from China when it is very easy to find factories on Alibaba and Taobao website?

A: There are a lot of factories in Alibaba but majority who claim themselves as manufacturers to attract customers are actually Trading Companies. This is due to the lax restriction of Alibaba enforcing the rules. (Click here for article on Alibaba)

Suppliers in Alibaba impose high MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). Sourcing direct from China allows you to negotiate a lower MOQ

Alibaba do not help buyer to consolidate and combine orders from different suppliers, submit all documents, declaration and all related matters to both China and your local customs before shipment. Most suppliers in Alibaba do not even help you to arrange for freight forwarders. By engaging China Sourcing Business one stop logistic services, you will have ease of mind when comes to logistic services

Q: Do the overseas factories know our industries safety and quality standards?

A: Our One Stop Sourcing service will work cooperatively with you to define the quality and safety standards required for each product according to your expectation.

Q: How much would you charge to cover all your services?

A: We charge 5% of your total order cost as our commission for your sourcing item if you intend to engage us as your sourcing arm in China

Q: There are people who organized China Sourcing Trip to china at very cheap rate, why are they so cheap?

A: Indeed, there are organizations who are willing to teach people how to source in china, these Organizers basically gather a big group of people, bring them to the trading area and leave them there to shop around. They do not seriously teach or help you with sourcing. They only mentioned bring you to Sourcing Area, thereafter you are on your own.

China Sourcing Business have 1 agent to every 2 clients in the trip and we will make sure Buyers know how to source & negotiate with suppliers during the trip. You may join us again in our next trip free if you needed more confidents. (Terms & conditions to be met)