Intend to source direct from China wholesale but worried aboutChina Wholesale

- Culture and Language Barrier

- Are people who they claim to be, manufacturers or actually traders?

- How do I organise the logistics if I purchase from different suppliers?

- If I have a problem-how do I sort it out on the other side of the world?

- How do I obtain the necessary documentation to satisfy local authorities?China Sourcing

Our China Sourcing Business Trip helps Existing Business Owners to minimize operational cost and maximize profit for their business. For New Business Owner, this product sourcing trip will help you to identify business opportunity in your market.

Our China Sourcing Business Trip program will take you to the largest and most popular China wholesale markets of your choice for product sourcing. It is designed to increased transparency between you and the China wholesale suppliers as you get to offer your price or quotation directly with the China wholesale suppliers with no middle man drawing commission from you.

leather wholesale markets handbagsIn this trip, you will learn to source for products, negotiate with suppliers to ensure that services, quality, value added, lowest cost of products are secured. We will guide you on how to consolidate products from different suppliers and engage a trustworthy forwarder ensuring your products safely arrive to the destination of your choice

China Wholesale Market in Guangzhou

- Stationery/Toys and Gifts Market

- Dry Seafood Market

- Shoe City/Leather CityFurniture wholesale

- Electronics/Mobile/Digital and Computer City

- Spectacles City

- Hotel Article/ Lighting and Decoration

- Children/Kids Products Wholesale Market

- Wholesale Clothing/Fabric and Accessories Market

- Furniture City

contact usWhat China Sourcing Business Trip Provide :

Daily Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Airport Transfer and Transportation during your sourcing trip

1 hour Foot Reflexology & 1 hour massage